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Welcome to our web site.

We proudly serve Atlanta’s metro counties and communities. We began in Atlanta Georgia back in the 1950’s and have called Covington Georgia our home since 1989. We service and repair automatic transmissions in cars and light trucks and work with individuals, families, churches all the way up to corporate fleets to government contract accounts.

Please see our Services page to see what work we offer.

Automatic transmissions are very complicated. Our mechanics have years of experience and are very capable when it comes to diagnosing and rebuilding transmissions.

If your car is not working properly, emits an odd smell, is smoking, slipping, jerking or making odds noises, visit our shop for a thorough diagnosis.
We offer a simple scan for free or a complete diagnostic check for $45.00.
Call today with questions. 770-784-1125

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If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 770-784-1125.

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Automatic transmissions are our specialty. We also offer other services and plan to expand our service range to include Total Car Care.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Transmission Rebuild or Repair
Torque Converter Install or Replacement
Transmission Fluid Change (Service)
Flywheel Replacement
Transmission Diagnostics
Transmission Mounts
Shift Kits
Transmission Coolers
Four Wheel Drive
CV Axles
Manual Clutch Installs
Battery Replacement

Coming Soon

Brake Repair/Replacement
Shocks and Struts
Exhaust Repair
Timing Belts
Belts & Hoses
Top End Engine Repair
Scheduled Maintenance Services
Starter Service and Replacement
Tire Rotation, Maintenance, and Services
Tune Up Service: Ignition System and Spark Plugs

About Us

Walker Transmission specializes in rebuilding and repairing automatic transmissions in domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our mechanics have years of experience and fully understand the complicated components and operations of transmissions. They also have training in vehicle systems diagnostics. This allows for them to thoroughly diagnose your vehicle to insure the problems are correctly identified and repaired.

We have always been a family owned and operated business and will continue to build strong ties to our community and work diligently to continue growing our business.

We would also like to thank all of our loyal customers that have supported us throughout the years and look forward to serving new customers.

the third generation now carries the family torch and we have plans to make the business better than ever.

Thank you all again for helping us grow.